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Should I remove hoses or dismantle and ship my regulator in pieces?
Last Updated 9 months ago

Please - NO.
Although it may seem like a way to save some money on shipping, or you may believe that only part of your regulator needs service, sending us bits and pieces simply doesn't work.
For us to intelligently service any aspect of your regulator system, we will need you to ship us the ENTIRE system fully assembled just exactly like you dive it. These systems are functionally interdependent: how we tune any component is dependent on the current performance characteristics of the other component(s).
And regulator hoses, both high and low pressure, need to be inspected and have O-rings that need changed to assure integrity at pressure.

If you have a specific reason to only wish to ship us a single component, please CALL US (919) 255-1888 to discuss this prior to shipping.

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