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Can AirTech replace batteries in my Dive Computer/Transmitter?
Last Updated 4 months ago

The quick answer: it depends.

Some computers are user-changeable while others are not, though it appears easy to do at home. A lot of times, if you break open a dive computer at home to try and replace the battery, the manufacture will void your warranty. If you have questions on which computers are user-changeable or not, let us know!

Some computers will need to be sent off to the manufacturer for battery replacements. That means the service of that computer could take beyond our normal turnaround time. If you think you have one of these computers, ask us, and we’ll walk you through that process.

If you are already sending in your equipment, feel free to send your computer! We can test the battery while it’s here, check it’s pairing to the transmitter, or any other troubleshooting.

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